Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adam pesan


Err tetiba Adam. Adam pesan, Atera bunyi nya lebih sedap didengar. Lembut je. Sebab Ate tu macam gangster katanya. Tera pulak dia kata macam ganas,lebih kurang gangster jugak lah maksud dia. Sesedap je kritik nama orang. Huhuu. Padahal entah berapa kali je dia pernah panggil nama aku Atera tu. Poyo. Hehee. Masuk memory lane tetiba kenapa? Okay mengaku je senang. Rindu. Kbai


Its been a while huh?
Now Im at office and got nothing to do.
So, been thinking why not update something on blog because its been years months I tak update apa2 and I dont know why. I just dont feel like doing it anymore since I've got twitter.
Yaaa I know I've been mean but its not everyday people can write kan? Also, its quite busy for the whole semester. Like seriously Atera? You busy ke sepanjang sem ni? Okay fine I tak busy mana pun but I got something else that keep distracting me, even towards my assignments. Hahaa. And guess what, the distracted things is ANIME!

 Yaa I know, but its like addictive candy. Cant stop and of course been laughing like crazy, alone. Sampaikan my roomate kata "dah tahap meroyan kau ni Ate, gelak sorang-sorang" but, she also joined me afterwards! Haa, look who's laughing now! It the same theory bila orang cakap aku gila tengok RunningMan then gelak sorang-sorang. Lepas dia dah tengok jugak, for sure dia pun tergolong dalam orang 'gila' tu. The curse backfires eyy? Gotcha.

So now Im an intern student and this is the second week at Zahafiz Travel & Tours. 4 weeks to go.  Frankly speaking, this company didnt accept intern student anymore because they had one already. But me is soooo stubborn and with a lil bit of langkah licik, I called the owner's wife and begging for a place here. Hahaa I know it crazy but we need that to survive huh? And after a week, I know the reason why they do not take too much intern student. Because they got nothing to do! Like seriously, me is like everyday goyang kaki je. 430 dah boleh balik time bulan puasa. And there's one day, Boss give permission to leave early, at 3pm. And for the next day, Boss not around, doing Umrah and the office is like mine! Hahaa, the staff let me go at 2pm! Heaven!

Plus, this company specialized in handling Umrah & Haji package, so this bulan Ramadhan's last flight is the one which Boss depart to Jeddah. Literally, after last flight taking off, there's not much things to be done at office. And that's why me is everyday datang office lawa-lawa, bukak lappy, online for whole day until 430 then balik. Itulah internship life I, apa agaknya I nak tulis dalam logbook? Planning nak tipu sikit dekat logbook tu and mintak back-up dengan staff untuk cop and sign for me. Hahaa

Task that I've done kat office ni is the common task that been asked for intern student, photocopy document and staple that, and sorting them. Kalau nak fun sikit, the second day Im here, KakNa the Account's Clerk asked me to complete the luggage tag for passengers. That's the fun and easiest thing for me as Im always been asked by Mama to do that for her each time she got group to depart, so I dont have any problem with luggage tag. Orang Melayu kata, kacang lah! Hehee

Nak attach gambar pun I takda folder dekat lappy ni, yelaa bukan lappy I tapi my aunt's. Boleh tahan jakun jugak nak handle this lappy because its touched-screen and use Windows 8! Macam orang gila jugak nak boleh faham how window 8 works. Hahaa. But I got one folder full with DuJun's pictures. Muehehee. Here's DuJun and his famous pose  :)

Last but not least, Selamat Berpuasa even ni dah hari ke-19 kita berpuasa. Its better late than never huh?

Atera Alyani.