Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy new year, perhaps?


Later on, when we're starting up the second semester, the first thing that I wanna know about is YOU. I really wanna see how that thing going. But if there's a chaos that come up between that time, I will not be surprised. I do not expect much on that.

Because these day, we're dealing with time. No matter what, time goes by. And between that, everything will come up even the one that we never expect at all. I'm not trying to be villain here but, like I said before. Time goes by and change things.

And after something bad happened, we will sit back and thinking all the things that we've done and after all, we'll realize that we're the one that make up all of the mistake. "It's my own fault" - You'll keep telling this phrase to yourself. Believe me.

And what the heck on earth I'm telling all this thing as my first entry on 2012? Dammit! Well I think the surroundings had make me into this kind of girl who keep ranting all the way like its no other business. 

But seriously, do think of other people when you're deciding on something will you? Because that's the true reason why you're having your friends. To help you decide on something perhaps? Or at least, let they have their own say or opinion. That did not cost you a penny at all !!

Honestly telling you my friend, when you're deciding something without asking your friends opinion, that's hurt them like hell. Okay let say, when you're in trouble, you go find your friend did you? Then if you're having your happiness, should you throw them away like rubbish? Hell no !! Seriously my friend?

I'm not writing this to show that I'm perfect or whatever. I do make mistakes. Always. All the time I can say. But I'm still considering my friends saying/opinion. Will you change a little bit my dear? But, knowing you. You wont, eyy? 

Okay this is starting of 2012. I hope during this year, I'll keep being a good girl by all meaning of 'good'. Muehehee. And also, by writing this, will keep warn myself from being 'as-stated-above-behavior'. 

*hanya luahan hati yang sekian lama terpendam.
*tidak ditujukan kepada siapa-siapa.
*sekian terima kasih.

AAA :)